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February 21, 2014

Today we waved farewell to the Humpbacks, as we navigated through the coral heads and then completed the eight hour crossing during the day. It was rocky as items on the table slid from one side to other and trash cans fell over. We killed time by editing pictures, reading, and even watching movies. Rootie had Captain Phillips…I loved it! I was so entranced, I could hardly pull myself away when I knew I should be taking in the view of land again as we were pulling into port. I made it up to the top deck just in time to enjoy views of the picturesque harbor.

The staff prepared a happy hour, going away party for us as we have to disembark by 8 a.m. tomorrow. We enjoyed our time with the passengers and then went to dinner and a show at Ocean World. Drew, Claire, Dustin, Julie, Michael, Ramona, Debbie, Rootie and I enjoyed dinner…most of us ordering surf and turf. After dinner, six of us were shuffled upstairs to the show. Evidently, we lingered too long at dinner and were late, but they held the show for us until we were seated!

The show, Bravissimo!, was very entertaining…a little bit like Moulin Rouge. I think my favorite acts were Bad Romance by Lady Gaga all in Spanish. They paraded around the stage in glitzy outfits with giant shoes on their head. Another fun performance was “I Will Survive”. Dressed in 70’s attire, they sang the whole song in Spanish except the phrase “I Will Survive” that they shouted in English! An older audience member was loving the show and started dancing. The lead singer jumped off the stage and danced with him. For $65, we were entertained with the dinner, the show, and a free hat and T-shirt. I would have never guessed this was how we would spend our last night in the Dominican Republic…what fun!

The following morning we left the boat by 8 a.m., but our flight wasn’t until 3 p.m., so we strolled along the beach, shop at beach stores (including Wall-mart), and tried lunch at a local restaurant. Eventually, we were shuttled to the airport and our trip ended :-(. Back to cold weather for me…please summer come soon! ETB

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